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Maroons Online was created in 2021, year two of that dreary part of American History called the Covid-19 Pandemic. Pages we update most often are the Memories of By Class and pages devoted to ongoing causes we back like the acceptance by the Ridgewood Board of Education, Later School Start Times at RHS LSST.

Our collections focus on the cultural events which make up the fabric of our daily school lives and give us a sense of common heritage. We are assembling pictures of the yearly Ridgewood High School Graduation ceremonies. This includes group photos and more candid.

Among our projects, we are gathering a collection of Ridgewood Athletic Team Photos. It’s hard to imagine wrestlers practicing bare-chested, or field hockey players without eye protection but that’s how these sports began. For a closer look at these curiosities and others like the once common phenomenon of male cheerleaders, visit the website we started in June 2022. It features a collection of our athletic teams’ history and is the Maroons Online companion website:

Maroons History.

Among the institutions and individuals we’ll cheer on in 2023:

  1. The Ridgewood Public Library. They have begun the process of digitizing RHS Arrow Yearbooks. Between the Library and RHS there still remains a good number of Arrow Yearbooks that need to be digitized. The years 1950-2020 are complete. Next steps include a determination as to how to present them on the web and to make them searchable.
  2. Our newly elected Village Councilwoman, Siobhan Crann Winograd (RHS 1991). Her promises to make Village governance more transparent, more accessible to the disabled, and more meaningful to everyone’s lives are truly commendable. Siobhan has long shown herself in countless ways to be a galvanizing force for good. We expect to see more of the same in her first year on the Village Council.
  3. The Later School Start Time initiative. Their aim is to improve the health of teenagers by beginning classes at Ridgewood High School at 8:30 AM and ending them at 3:05 PM. Our friend Dr. Anne Robinson, RHS 1977, has been evaluating the science on this topic for the past 12 years, along with the current RHS Principal Jeff Nyhuis. By all accounts from school systems who have implemented these changes it is high time for RHS to make this scheduling modification.
  4. The Ridgewood High School Athletic Hall of Fame. This is the most able and sensible organization ever formed by RHS alumni. They are emblematic of the Ridgewood High School Tradition of Excellence.

We publish an Ezine on Sunday & Wednesdays called The Maroon.

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We’ve downloaded many photos off the Internet but the treasure trove we seek to feature online resides in Arrow Yearbooks. These are being well-preserved in the Ridgewood Public Library. To date, the years 1950-2021 have been digitized. They are not available online yet. Stay tuned for details in 2023.

Photo of RHS teachers