Stuart Postle

Our Teachers

A long over due collection of tribute pages to the individuals who accepted the challenge of educating us.

Mr. Stuart Postle

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Mr Postle, RHS English Teacher

1972 Arrow

Barbara Ford:

Mr. Postle had a tremendous influence on me when I took his “Psychology and Literature” elective. To my disappointment, he retired abruptly after the first quarter of that, my senior, year. Motivating and charismatic, his literary repertoire seemed endless. He fueled my passion for reading more than any other teacher, before or since.

Jack Zerbe:

Mr. Postle was the exemplum of both intellectual curiosity and human elegance. Who doesn’t remember seeing him walk everywhere in Ridgewood!?

Stephanie Jones:

Mr. Postle was wonderful! I never had Mr. Postle for any classes, but we had many, many long and fascinating conversations. He encouraged my interest in theatre and literature – and even let me tag along with his class on a field trip to see The Cherry Orchard at Lincoln Center (starring Raul Julia and with Meryl Streep in a small supporting role, Karen). He always made me feel that what I thought and had to say on various topics was really interesting and valuable. He was the very essence of a great teacher!

Joe Antonacci:

Mr. Postel lived on Spring Ave. After his sudden retirement, we collected money and bought him a gift. Young and dumb, we bought the most worldly man we had ever met a Norman Rockwell coffee table book. How he gushed over that book as I presented it to him in his doorway. And his thank you note (amazing stationary and penmanship) was effusive. He’s the reason (along with Janet Steinle) that I became an English major and a writer. Awesome man. Awesome memories.

Susan McClelland Russell:

Mr. Postle was my home room teacher ’70-’73. He was a fun start to my day.

Robert Eisenhardt:

Stuart was a class act and when I had him for Public Speaking, I mentioned that I loved Laurel and Hardy and had SONS OF THE DESERT. He lit up bright, LOVED that film and INSISTED I bring it into the classroom to show. One of the wayward delights of the year.

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