Novy Family

The Novy Family

225 North Monroe Street + 528 Russell Avenue

You have to begin with the parents, Betsy and Larry. They were two of the nicest and most intelligent people you could ever have the chance to speak with. They remembered names, places, and incidents from our childhoods with ease. Nobody doubted they had their hands full when they were raising four boys. Though they never bemoaned the situation and could always think of something funny that had happened while raising their boys. The laughs are what I will remember best about spending time with the Novys. I’ll also remember the quiet example Betsy and Larry set for us like the commemorative stone in Citizen’s Park. You’ll see the Novy name along with the rest of the village leaders. It’s a modest memento which honors their time in Ridgewood.

Bill, Ginny and Matt moved from their longtime Wyckoff home to Macedon, New York this past March 5th. They will be greatly missed, not just for their annual Summer BBQ, or their participation in countless Turkey Day Football games. What will be discovered by their absence is that they possess a gentleness of spirit uncommon in the world today. No exaggeration here. You were a part of the family when you visited with them. If that’s sounds old fashioned I’m sorry. They treated friends and guests as if there was no reason to leave. Some of them would take them at their word and would be gently woken from their slumbers on the coach in the morning after a party or a late night of watching TV. There was never any question these sleepy heads could stay the night. It was small things like this which endeared Bill and Ginny to so many people.

Kristin, Matt, Maggie, Ginny, and BillKristin, Matt, Maggie, Ginny, and Bill

Matt, Ginny, Kristin, Maggie, and Bill.Matt, Ginny, Kristin, Maggie, and Bill.

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Betsy and Larry with their girls: Maggie, Ginny, Kristin, Jennifer, AmandaBetsy and Larry with their girls: Maggie, Ginny, Kristin, Jennifer, Amanda