Melvin Thompson

Our Teachers

A long over due collection of tribute pages to the individuals who accepted the challenge of educating us.

Mr. Melvin Thompson

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Steve Tenney:

Mr. Wizard of course & A one liner comic at times!

Bob Rahm:

I remember him having a dry sense of humor, of course that was with high school sensibilities. I might not think it dry today.

Dave Denu:

Mr. Wizard. Need I say more?

Joe Farrell:

He used to let us make bubbles out of soap and glycerine using natural gas and then blow them up – IN CLASS. Can you IMAGINE that happening anywhere today? We all survived even – you had these bubbles of natural gas floating around the room – then you touch a flame to them and they would implode with a huge pop – it was so cool. Then we almost blew up the room and we could only do it after school

Lenni Maguire:

I know my brother’s class (1975) gave him the Golden Shovel Award for Piling it High and Wide in the name of Chemistry and it (a shovel painted gold) hung on the wall when I was there. As for his humor – How do you charge an electrolytic cell? With assault and battery(a salt and battery). He had tons of them – just that funny…

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