The McNamara Family

Our Parents and Families

A long over due collection of tribute pages to the individuals who accepted the challenge of raising us and of growing up by our side.

The McNamaras


48 Sherwood Road

Dan McNamara  RHS 1979

Dan McNamara RHS 1979

Dan and Peter

Dan and Peter

It’s funny how through the wonders of the Internet names which you haven’t thought about in years can produce clear memories, ones compelling enough to write about. Peter McNamara, pictured above, is one of these instances.

He lived with his family on Sherwood Road, one block away from our house, and close enough to Willard School that we would see each other often. He was two years older than I but he treated everyone well no matter their age.

Like most boys in the Willard schoolyard of the 60s and 70s, he played sports as they occurred in each season: football in the autumn, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring and summer. He was a well coordinated athlete who could be counted on to meet or exceed everyone’s expectations for whatever position he was playing.

The thing which really stands out in my mind after all these years is the gentle, soft-spoken way in which he lead his life. He had no need to bully or brag to be noticed. Pete was simply a good guy that everyone liked to be around. He has been gone for 40 years now though he did leave a legacy which everyone who knew him will always cherish.