Jack Boyle “B”

Our Teachers

A long over due collection of tribute pages to the individuals who accepted the challenge of educating us.

Jack Boyle “B”

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Liz Foerster:

Jack Boyle was an amazing director… and teacher. A wonderful man whose talent enabled him to herd teenagers together and orchestrate performance miracles, while simultaneously letting his heart hear and tend to their concerns, wants, and needs. He was a master at striking a balance between making the best choices for the excellence of a production with the value of shoring up and building a teenager’s self-confidence. I will always be grateful to Jack Boyle for the many, many life skills I learned under his tutelage.

Curtis Kasefang:

“B” is responsible for sending my on my direction in life. He was an inspired and inspirational man who gave his students his everything. He created a magical time at RHS which gave so many of us a chance that we never would have had otherwise. He was my mentor and my friend.

Samuel Stewart:

Jack Boyle was a gifted educator, a talented director, and an enthusiastic motivator. He led an initiative to create a warm little theater from a large and cold auditorium. He was a community asset!

Gail Kramer:

Our senior play was Peter Shaffer’s “Five Finger Exercise”, a decidedly serious play for high school. I was one of the 5 leads, and Mr. Boyle really worked us hard. I remember him yelling at me, that he didn’t believe I was my character. That I had to eat, sleep and brush my teeth like her. At the time, I thought he was being too tough. But he was right and pulled a decent performance out of me. Great memories.

John Kristoff:

Jack Boyle got me to new heights, literally, on the Little Theater catwalks to set lighting for the New Players theater productions. I thoroughly enjoyed his calm and patient teaching style. As we all remember he was slightly irreverent and there was always a slight whiff of cigarette smoke in the air. We just could never figure out where it was coming from . I also took his public speaking class and that prompted me into some occasional voice over work and eventually radio spots for my own company. Mr Boyle is among a nice long list of best-remembered RHS teachers. And he certainly ranks near the top as a really down-to-earth good person looking to get the best from and for his students.


Jack Boyle “B”
Jack was a zealous reader, enjoying several books a month, when health allowed. When he could no longer ride his bicycle, he was usually seen sitting out on the front porch, reading and relishing the day. He was a “book-purist” and would not even consider reading anything but a hard cover, even when holding the book in his hands became a challenge. While at RHS, his favorite books for his students to read were “A Cry of Angels” and “To Kill a Mockingbird”, and these books were always at the top of his “required reading” list for his English classes.

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