Helen Aslanides

Our Teachers

A long over due collection of tribute pages to the individuals who accepted the challenge of educating us.

2001 Ashby Award Recipient

Miss Helen Aslanides

Carry Stewart, RHS 1977:

DX – Domestic Exchange. We prepared for Salt Lake City but ended up going to Little Rock’s Central High 20th anniversary of Little Rock 9. She was a sensitive and passionate teacher and gave me great advice about boyfriends after I told her mine took me to Windows on the World and only ordered meat and potatoes – ‘don’t go out to eat with anyone who doesn’t appreciate food.’

Kathy Carley, RHS 1977:

Helen was great!! I went on the DX trip to Little Rock too. Those trips were a lot of work for her and I doubt she got paid for any of it. I think she was the only chaperone, although my memory is not so great. She wanted us to experience and appreciate other areas of the country. I’m thankful she was at RHS and that I got to go on one of her trips.

Russell Engle, RHS 1977:

Helen was awesome!! She also sponsored the Japanese Exchange Program. First about 20 students visited RHS from Takaoka High School. Then, I was very fortunate to be able to visit Japan with Ms. Aslanides and Debbie Armbruster from our class. We spent July, 1976 in Japan. Two weeks touring and two weeks with our host families. I still correspond with my exchange student host, Nobuyuki Tose, via email. He’s a math professor. I remember when he visited us, Nobu would correct our Calculus teacher whenever he made a mistake on the blackboard. I shot a 30 minute (edited) 8mm film of the Japan trip. I should retrieve it from my parent’s house in NJ to get it digitized so can post it on Youtube someday…

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