Tradition Of Excellence Award

The Ridgewood Board of Education established the Tradition of Excellence Award in 2014 to honor a member of the support staff, who in the opinion of their peers has made an outstanding contribution to the excellence of the Ridgewood Public Schools.

2022 Liz Aynilian, Classroom Aide at Somerville Elementary School

2021 Georgia Abrunzo, Database Systems Admin., Ed. Center

2020 Annette Tucker, Classroom Aide, GWMS

2019 Susan Christopher, Admin. Asst., BFMS

2018 Paul Buscher, Somerville School custodian

2017 Kathy Kiedaisch Admin. Asst., Superintendent, Ed. Center

2016 Susan Wasserman, Admin. Asst., Guidance Dept., RHS

2015 Pat Kowalczyk, Admin. Asst., Office of Special Programs

2014 Maryjane Moynihan, District Benefits Coordinator