Ridgewood Superintendents Of Schools

For Their Outstanding Leadership
And Dedication To Excellence

Dr. Leonard D. Fitts

Dr. Leonard D. Fitts 2022-2023

Dr. Thomas Gorman

Thomas Gorman 2021-
Thomas Gorman 2021-2022

Dr. Daniel Fishbein

Daniel Fishbein 2008-2020
Daniel Fishbein 2008-2020

Dr. Frederick J. Stokely

Frederick J. Stokley 1988-

Dr. William J. Cobb

Dr. William J. Cobb 1987-1988

Dr. Samuel Stewart

Dr. Samuel Stewart 1978-1986

Mr. Sayer Uhler

Mr. Sayer Uhler 1975-1977

Dr. Ernest B. Fleishman

Dr. Ernest B. Fleishman 1970-1974

Dr. Richard B. Perkins

Richard D. Perkins 1967-1970

Dr. Lloyd W. Ashby

Lloyd Ashby 1959-1967

Ashby Award Recipients

Dr. Robert E. Jenkins

Robert E. Jenkins 1953-1958

Dr. Irwin B. Somerville

Irwin B. Somerville 1931-

Walter T. Whitney

Walter T. Whitney 1905-1912
Walter T. Whitney 1905-1912

Benjamin C. Wooster

Benjamin C. Wooster 1890-1905
Benjamin C. Wooster 1890-1905