Russ Titus

Ridgewood NJ Public School

Our Teachers

A long over due collection of tribute pages to the individuals who accepted the challenge of educating us.

Russ Titus

Jamie Figenbaum:

Russ Titus was a Ridgewood teacher, as well as a principal and acting superintendent in the district. I worked, as a teacher at Somerville School for 18 years, with Russ as principal. I believe that a great principal can bring out the best in his teachers. He was very aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher, and he gave me many opportunities and much support to nourish those strengths. He supported and even encouraged my rather unconventional and sometimes controversial teaching style and behavior in the classroom. Under his leadership and guidance, I learned a great deal and grew as an educator, even after 19 previous years in the classroom. I will be forever grateful to Russ for those extraordinary years at Somerville!


Dennis Carroll


Barry Deetz Robert Olsen

Boys Athletics

Richard Flechtner Richard Bennett Roger Sweeney Tony Napier

Jack Van Yperen Chuck Johnson Charles Bookstaver


Melvin Thompson Grace Coe

Deans Of Girls

Dr. Lois B. Knox (1919-1954) Wilma J. McVeigh (1954-

Domestic Exchange

Helen Aslanides


Alan Bennett Larry Coyle Amy Emmers Loren Leek Stuart Postle

Newell Guillan Paul Darby

Girls Athletics

Kitty Batterson Jacob Brown Debbie Paul Jeff Yearing


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“Uncle” Harry Ahearn Laura Fleming Charlotte McCane Milo Okema Medha Kirtane Harold Vaughan


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Industrial Arts

Leo Palmisano


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Donald E. Bowler George Murphy Arthur Rispoli


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John McCutcheon George Egli Frank S. Foley William C. Leach

Irwin B. Somerville George Neville John Archibald Basil Pizzuto

GWMS Science Department

Joseph Tremitiere

Spanish Language

Fernando Gomez


Jack Boyle “B”

Willard School

Gene Ricci Vita Leach