John Archibald

Ridgewood NJ Public School

Our Principals

A long over due collection of tribute pages to the individuals who accepted the challenge of educating us.


John Archibald

1967 Ashby Award Recipient

March 29, 2020

Joan Wrightsman Haring: “John Archibald was the finest principal with whom I ever worked during my 25 years as a teacher. I was part of the faculty of 4 schools and had 5 principals during those years. John knew the names of all the students and parents. In his evaluations, he began with telling a teacher his/her strengths and then gently mentioned some things the teacher could improve upon. He was always encouraging, caring and well organized. A finer man does not exist.”

Bob Herman: Have fond memories of Mr. Archibald. Growing up in Somerville School and the Annex he touched and shaped the lives of many! RIP Mr. Archibald.

Kathy Youngberg Lynam: “He was amazing at remembering names I never went their still in Bronx but my sis did and I would pick her up up the street and he ask my name and never forgot it.”

Charlene CA: “He was the best. He always made us feel special.

Bill Nielson: “If you went to Somerville This Legend of a Man knew your Name.

Laraine Reedy: “I loved Mr. Archibald! I went to Somerville and Somerville Annex and he knew EVERYBODY’S name. I ran into him in the late eighties and he knew exactly who I was, by name, and then remembered who my sisters were as well. He was one of my few favorite adults from childhood. The world is now a bit dimmer without him in it.”

James Stoehr: “Bummer. Loved him. Our 6th grade class composed a song for him because he was retiring. He lived around the corner from us & I would bump into him in later years in my 20’s. As noted, remembered everyone’s name. Always Radiated good vibes & positivity.”

Shawn Selders: “I was just a little kid going to Somerville School in the 70s, but I remember him and his warm smile very well. All the kids seemed to love and respect him…our caring principal. He was a class act, a unique principal. He retired in the middle of my 4th grade year and the whole school sang him a song at an assembly in the gymnasium. It was the song It’s A Small World with the words rewritten to address Mr. Archibald personally. I can still remember singing the line: “Happy days on Simpatico Dose”….referring to his boat. I saw him many years later at Grand Union and he looked exactly the same as I remembered. He must have had great genes. 98 years is a nice run. I’ll always remember him very fondly. Peace.”

Nancy Turner Loack: “He was a fabulous Principal and he did always remember names of everyone at Somerville. I loved seeing him drive in or out of school in his classic Karmen Gia’s! We would see him at ball games and the Grand Union. What a great man he was and left a great legacy for the all of us. God Bless Mr Archibald.”



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