Ashby Award Recipients

The Ashby Award

The Ashby Award is considered the highest honor for an educator in the Ridgewood Public School System.

Each year this award is bestowed upon one tenured professional staff member in recognition of outstanding education contributions to the children and schools of Ridgewood.

Established in 1966, the award honors former superintendent Lloyd Ashby and his wife for their distinguished service to the community.

1959 Arrow Yearbook1959 Arrow Yearbook

2022 Ms. Medha Kirtane, RHS Social Studies Teacher

2021 Ms. Laura Grasso, GWMS Wellness Teacher

2020 Dr. Jean Schoenlank, Principal, Ridge School

2019 Laura Fleming, RHS

2018 Mike Mullin, Guidance Counselor, GWMS

2017 Colleen Gieniec

2016 John Domville, RHS

2015 Ann Brown, Library Media Specialist, GWMS

2014 Judy Malholtra, former Hawes School Art Teacher
2014 Marianne Williams, former Willard School Principal

2013 Patricia Johnson, RHS

2012 Gregory Wu, Assistant Principal, BFMS

2011 Donna Pedersen, First Grade Teacher, Ridge School

2010 Jane Blakely, Supervisor of English & Social Studies, RHS

2009 Karen Rispoli, Computer Science Teacher, RHS

2008 Joel Brickman, District Music Teacher

2008 Kerry Huntington, Supervisor of Special Programs

2007 Sherry Youngkin, RHS

2006 Patricia Canzani, Mathematics Teacher, GWMS

2005 Kathleen Rodger-Sachs, Principal, Hawes School

2004 Charlene Dixon, Grade Administrator, RHS

2003 Joseph Lizzi, Guidance Counselor at BFMS

2002 Caroline Janover, Learning Disabilities Teacher, Ridge School

2001 Helen Aslanides Social Studies Teacher, RHS

2000 Robert Scarfo, Technology Teacher & Computer Coordinator, BFMS

2000 Donna Flagg, Unit Administrator, GWMS

1999 Russell Titus, Principal of Somerville School

1999 Gae Brunner, Fifth Grade Teacher, Ridge School,

1998 David B. Marsh, District Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics,

1998 Marion LaFemina, Biology Teacher, RHS

1997 Travis Jackson, Unit Administrator, BFMS,

1996 William Ward, Principal, Ridge School

1996 Doris Hagen, Multi-age Class Teacher, Somerville School

1995 Robert Honsinger, Assistant Superintendent,

1994 Paul Folkemer, Principal, BFMS

1994 Gail Finlay, Computer Education Teacher, GWMS

1993 George Libonate, Principal, Willard School

1992 Dennis Carroll, District Supervisor of Art & Art Teacher, RHS

1991 Al Renna, Special Education Teacher, BFMS

1989 Sharon Piety-Jacobs, Principal, Hawes School

1989 Judith Ann Mayer, Coordinator of Nurse/Teachers & Nurse/Teacher, Willard School

1988 Thomas La Valle, English Department Supervisor, RHS

1986 Donald T. Maiocco, Principal, GWMS

1985 John W. Lochner, Supervisor of Music

1984 Arax M. Mardirosian, Sixth Grade Teacher, Glen School

1983 Joseph W. Hughes, Physics Teacher, RHS

1982 Charles E. Abate, Principal, Orchard School

1982 Joyce H. Schnappauf, Librarian, Willard School

1981 Janet L. Steinie, English Teacher, RHS

1980 Tom Wallace, Art Teacher, Orchard School

1979 Harry D. Ahearn, Social Studies Teacher, RHS

1978 Elaine P. Heinzelmann, Assistant Superintendent

1977 Maud R. Limbacher, Fourth Grade Teacher, Somerville School

1976 Gertrude R. Creede, Reading Teacher, BFMS

1975 Henry G. Bookstaber, Supervisor of

1974 John G. McCutcheon, Principal, RHS

1973 Ralph M. Bogertman, Teacher/Curriculum Specialist

1972 C. Bertram Harmon, Vocal Teacher, GWMS

1971 Olivia R. Way, Librarian, Ridge School

1970 George E. Egli, Assistant Principal, GWMS

1969 Valma Corey, First Grade Teacher, Ridge School

1968 Anita Crivelli, History Teacher, RHS

1967 John L. Archibald, Principal, Somerville School