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Our Teachers


A long over due collection of tribute pages to the individuals who accepted the challenge of educating us.

Frank Marshall, RHS 1977:

Perhaps the only tough teacher I ever liked.

1975 Arrow

1975 Arrow


Ginny Sayers, RHS 1977:

The term paper I wrote in her class was one of the most rewarding projects in high school. The training helped a great deal in college.


Sarah Deetz, RHS 1978:

Dr. Emmers credo: Omit needless words!! Served me well in college. I made several Omit Needless Words signs for Dr. E, which she kept in her class & her office for quite some time. I also did an art project of her favorite poem, “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud”, which she kept in her office for years. Always did well in her class, but a few brownie points never hurt!


Laurissa Doonan:

Definitely!! Although the omit needless words went against the grain of my writing style, so we finally compromised, hee hee. Oh, and the comma faults. She was all about calling us out on comma faults. Then when she had us read Hemingway I remember quietly walking up to her, dropping the book on the desk and saying so, we’re good on that whole punctuation thing, then?! She laughed. That was the thing about the good teachers, her in particular. You could talk to them as people, and they treated us as people, while still maintaining that line.


Dave Edelson, RHS 1977:

It was a privilege to be taught by Dr Emmers and Mr Ahearn for two years in American Studies. Both were demanding and caring people and excellent teachers. RHS at its finest!




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After the Lesson Plan  :  Realities of High School Teaching

After the Lesson Plan :

Realities of High School Teaching